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Hey everyone, I know it has been a while since i last posted. I just have been super busy. I actually just got back from a C.N.A. interview to take a class. Pretty excited about this. I also will probably apply back at walmart for the deli and work there again...... woo...... -.- But hey I guess I will be working with my friends again so thats the plus side. lol
I have also been working on some drawings lately as well. Which I will be posting up soon. I have some pretty awesome stuff coming up soon so just be on the look out.
My friend :icondizzydreamerzzz: gave me some of copics to use as well, cuz she didnt need the ones she gave me. Im pretty stoked to use them. THEY ARE SOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!! Im so excited. :D Cuz now I get to buy a new pencil bag or something for them!!!!!!

~~~~~~~~now on to the Meme Quiz Thingy~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Stolen from :iconskoryx:
[x] You have a dark sense of humor.
[x] People often tell you you're 'crazy', 'weird', 'a freak' and other words to that effect.
[x] You like wearing bright colors even if they clash.
[x] You don't tend to make a lot of sense.
[ ] You are self-obsessed.
[x] You will do anything for a laugh.
[ ] You can't laugh at yourself very easily.
[x] You're smiling a lot of the time.
[x] You are intelligent.
[ ] You like to be the center of attention.
[ ] You enjoy the work of the Marx Brothers.
Total:  7

[ ] You are a Gemini.
[ ] You seem to have two sides to you that different people see
[x] You have taken revenge on a bully.
[x] You have/had a burn or scar or something similar visible for over two months.
[x] You believe in chance and fate.
[x] You tend to be paranoid.
[x] You consider yourself unattractive.
[x] You feel no one can truly like/love you for who you are.
[ ] You have trouble making decisions by yourself.
[ ] Blackmail is a completely acceptable method to use in getting what you want.
Total:  6

[x] You love birds.
[ ] You consider yourself a complete gentleman/lady.
[ ] You have/had an overprotective mother.
[ ] You always keep an umbrella in your bag just in case.
[ ] You are always dressed smartly.
[ ] You were/are bullied in your youth.
[ ] You consider yourself obese.
[x] You have a lot of connections. (lots. o.o)
[x] You want to work with animals in some way.
[ ] You want to run your own nightclub.
Total: 3

[x] You like to scare people.
[ ] You have a reclusive nature.
[ ] Your life is ruled by research/work.
[ ] You are scared of birds.
[ ] You are tall and skinny.
[x] You take/have taken psychology at school/university/college. (In high school i did. Super fun.)
[x] You feel your parents were loveless towards you. (In my dad's previous marriage yes.)
[x] You were born out of wedlock.
[ ] You used to pick on animals as a child by hurting them or scaring them.
[x] You have/had religious fanatics in your family. (my uncle was crazy)
Total:  5

[x] You love puzzles and riddles.
[ ] You have red/ginger hair.
[ ] You have OCD.
[x] You are quirky.
[ ] You consider yourself a 'smooth talker'.
[x] You are an intellectual.
[ ] You get high marks on your texts/exams.
[ ] Most of your body is covered in tattoos.
[ ] You seldom win in physical fights.
[x] You complete computer games with ease.
Total: 4

Mr. Freeze
[x] You prefer cold weather. (but I hate the snow)
[ ] You want to be cryogenically frozen.
[x] You have lost a loved one to a terminal illness. (my great aunt on my mom's side died of cancer)
[ ] You go/have gone to boarding school.
[x] You are a loner.
[x] You go all out to hurt someone who hurt you.
[x] You would do anything for the one you love.
[ ] Winter is your favorite season.
[ ] You have poor blood circulation.
Total:  5

Ra's Al Ghul
[x] You are manipulative.
[x] You would love to get rid of everything and start the world again from scratch.
[x] You want perfect environmental balance.
[x] Science is/was your favourite subject.
[x] You consider yourself a spiritual person.
[x] You consider your age to not be an issue.
[x] You want a son.
[ ] You keep yourself fit
[ ] You want to live forever.
[x] You see the world as decadent and corrupt.
Total:  8

[x] You consider yourself as physically strong.
[ ] You go the gym a lot.
[ ] You have an addictive personality.
[ ] You have been to prison.
[x] When you were younger, you had a teddybear that you took everywhere.
[ ] You had a classical education.
[ ] You have/had nightmares involving bats.
[ ] You are violent.
[x] You do not explain your actions.
[x] You have a Mexican heritage. ( or dutch irish as my friend would say)
Total:  3

[ ] You like B-Movies.
[ ] You want to be an actor/actress.
[x] You are a good liar.
[ ] You make sculptures.
[x] You enjoy the work of Boris Karloff. (I liked frankenstein)
[ ] You have had plastic surgery.
[x] You have been in a car accident. (2 times)
[ ] You hate remakes.
[ ] You can't swim.
[ ] You reference films all the time
Total:  3

Killer Croc
[ ] You were born with a medical condition that affects your body on the outside.
[x] You were/are raised by a member of your family that wasn't/isn't your parents.
[x] You enjoy your own company.
[x] You have quick reflexes.
[ ] You enjoy wrestling.
[x] You are a good swimmer.
[ ] You can run very fast. (Fast, but not VERY fast.)
[ ]You grew up without your mother.
[ ] You enjoy circus sideshows.
[ ] You are muscular.
Total:  4

Black Mask
[ ] You come from a well-off/wealthy family.
[ ] You had an accident/serious injury as a child.
[ ] You hate hypocrisy above all things.
[ ] Someone has broken up with you in public.
[x] You are accident-prone.
[ ] You consider yourself as unlucky.
[x] You are determined.
[x] You enjoy films like Turistas, Wolf Creek, SAW and Hostel.
[x] You like to intimidate people.
[x] You want to be the top dog.
Total:  5

[ ] You are meek and mild.
[ ] You want to be a ventriloquist/have a dummy.
[ ] Your favorite film is Scarface.
[ ] You like gangster-related media and/or clothing.
[x] If you could live in any time, it would have the 1920's
[x] You tend to verbally abuse people. (When I get pissed yes)
[x] You have a speech impediment. (I have grown to hide it. But if i getting angry and to hyper I stutter)
[ ] You let other people take the blame rather than yourself.
[ ] You call your nearest and dearest 'Sugar'
[ ] You have an Italian heritage.
Total:  3

Mad Hatter
[x] You are shy.
[x] You have/had feelings for someone who didn't feel the same.
[ ] Alice In Wonderland is your favorite book/Disney film.
[x] You love tea.
[ ] You have a lot of hats.
[ ] You have been called delusional.
[x] You are immature.
[x] You identify more with children than adults.
[ ] You sometimes have trouble separating reality from dreams or your imagination.
[ ] You like to rhyme.
Total:  5

[x] You love bats.
[ ] You are deaf or have hearing problems.
[ ] You want to be a scientist.
[x] You tend to think illogically.
[x] You feel comfortable in the dark.
[ ] You are instinctive.
[x] You love fruit.
[ ] You wish you could fly.
[x] You have a strong family life.
[ ] You are married.
Total:  5

So I got Joker, Two-Face, and Ra's Al Ghul. Awesome. \o/
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